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This is the Wiki for the upcoming Age of Adamant LOTR Server, the IP will be added here shortly

This server has closed

Age of Adamant is a server that is set before the events of the hobbit, with some custom twists and events (hosted every weekend) to make gameplay more exciting as a whole. The current situation is as follows: Mordor, with Sauron but a shadow, is torn up between Orcish warbands, the Goblin-leaders of the Misty Mountains dispute between rival chiefdoms, while the displaced Dwarves attempt to reclaim their homes, despite their harsh relations with the Elves.

The next event will be on Sunday, 1st April, at 1 pm CET

Our official discord can be joined here:

If you are a new player, we suggest you check over the following pages:


Unit Key

War Rules


Faction Outlines

Also note the following features, as these have a serious impact on your character in-game:

Animal Plague



Latest activity

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