Age of Adamant LOTR Server Wiki

General info

The Character_Stats plugin enables a character development system based on experience orbs collected by the player in-game. The plugin is custom configured for use with the LOTR mod by AlteOgre, in line with the starting points and assumptions explained in this thread.

One general trait: Health

As the player collects experience orbs, (s)he gains experience that can be converted into trait levels. Each trait level can be assigned to one of the plugins traits (or 'stats'). As apparently not all traits of the plugin work flawlessly, notably the Helath and defense trait, we decided to only use the Health trait for Age of Adamant. A trait grants a boost of the characters physical capabilities, respectively:

The plugin supports multiple traits: Health, Defense, Attack (Melee), Ranged, Speed and Healing. These affect a players hp, absorption of incoming attack damage, melee attack strength, ranged attack strength, base movement speed and the ability to speed up healing of players.

For the Age of Adamant server, all but the Health and Speed trait are disabled by setting the maximum achievable trait level to zero. For the Speed trait this was not feasible, as the plugin is coded in such a way that this would lead to all players having Jump II by default. So the Speed trait is simply not to be used (see below for instructions on how the plugin is used), as it simply won't work: you won't get a speed boost from attributing levels to that trait!

Main aspects

Commands and interfacing

  • The base command to use is '/cstats'. This provides an overview of the players actual status, with info on: experience needed for next trait level upgrade, actual experience collected, how many trait levels are available for conversion into effective trait boosts and the level the player has for each of the traits (actual/maximum). Note that only for Health and Speed, the maximum achievable levels are not zero,a s explained above.
  • If the player has collected enough experience, the experience can be converted to trait levels with '/cstats add level'.
  • When a player decides on which trait to strengthen, (s)he can do '/cstats add traitname', to convert trait levels to the specified 'traitname'. Traits in use are: Health. So, they only command that effectively leads to improved stats is '/cstats add Health'.
  • As the trait level rises, so does the amount of experience orbs colllected needed for a next trait level increase. With current settings, a player requires approximately the equivalent of 147 vanilla experience orb levels to gather all experience required for the maximum trait levels currently defined. For the time being, the number of trait levels a player can convert is capped at 20. This may be increased in the future. To give an idea on how the experience needed per next trait level develops, here are the amounts needed for the first 10 levels: 98, 277, 509, 784, 1096, 1440, 1815, 2217, 2646, 3099, 3575. In other terms, the first 10 trait levels require the experience orbs equivalent of approximately 17 level 30 enchants. The maximum of 20 levels, which will grant the player +20 hp, or 10 hearts, requires 74558 experience orbs, which is equivalent to a little over 90 level 30 enchants.
  • The plugin accounts each collected experience orb separately. When a player dies, the accounted collected experience orbs are not adjusted by the plugin, so no trait levels are lost.

Settings and effects

  • The Health or 'Constitution' or 'Vigour' trait provides 1 hp per level and is capped at 20 levels, to a maximum of +10 hearts.