Age of Adamant LOTR Server Wiki


SIEGING is a key point in warfare during these events, and one of the only ways to conquer an area by force.

SIEGES are attacks on enemy-owned waypoints, the owner of the waypoint must be online, or any of their major roles. Once SIEGE is declared, the defenders have 5 minutes to prepare for any attacks.

The attacking team must declare 'MARCH' once the timer is ready, and are only then are able to begin combat.

Reinforcements are only allowed in the first 2 minutes after MARCH is declared.

- A siege may only be declared once every 2 hours per role.

- Any side can surrender, but terms must be agreed on.

- No bombs or bombardiers in any open warfare

- If the owner of the waypoint leaves or goes afk, they have a 5 minute grace period to come back before the waypoint is forfeited to the attackers.

- Galvorn Armor, and Mithril Halberds aren't legal

- Horns of Conquest are only usable if it's allowed in a faction's special trait or if the player count has a 1:3 ratio

- Attackers may use termites or orc bombs on either the gate or a certain piece of the wall.

- Dragons or Balrogs aren't allowed to own more than 1 waypoint (their 'Lair'), and may only aid in sieges.


RAIDS are basically small mini-sieges, and can be done on any structure in areas you own or near to those you own. (ex. Angmar orcs may be able to raid Eriador, but not Rohan)

- All RAIDS must be announced,

- Owner of the structure must be online

- Raiders may loot any chests, loot any crops which are unprotected, but may not grief.

- If Raiders successfully kill all (if any) defending parties, they can remove any banners protecting the area.

- They do NOT own the waypoint.

- Raids may be declared once every 5 hours.

Dragon Raids

DRAGON RAIDS are a variant of RAIDS, which are only available to any Dragon or (contradictingly) Balrog / Great Spider roles. These are attacks on specific waypoints.

- Owner of the attacked waypoint must be online

- Dragons and Balrogs can drop Khamul's Fire on any buildings that they desire, and Great Spiders may spawn in anthropods and set up webs. They may loot like regular Raids

- Dragons / Balrogs / Great Spiders can raid once every day.

- Dragons / Great Spiders may occupy the area for as long as they desire, but must leave before the IRL day ended or if they are killed.

- Any vital areas such as treasuries must be unprotected.

Hunting Parties

HUNTING PARTIES are inverted versions of DRAGON RAIDS, in which an angry horde attempts to evict a Dragon / Balrog / Great Spiders

- The Dragon / Balrog / Great Spider must be online, and either be occupying a waypoint (see DRAGON RAIDS) or have a lair.

- The attacking party will attempt to kill the Dragon / Balrog / Great Spider, and if they do so succesfully, the beast must either flee to their lair, or if it is their lair that they are being kicked out of, then they are considered evicted until they build a new lair (waypoint given by a faction)

Coastal Assaults